Handmade Barrel Clay Roof Tile Rustic Granada


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 20.


RED TERRACOTTA BLEND:  Height 3” Width 7.75” Length 17.25”

Barrel Clay Roof Tile (180 Pcs / SQ)

  • Authentic Mediterranean and old Spanish Look

  • Easy care and long lasting.

  • NOA Approved FL19320-R2

Pallet Covers 333 sqft – 3.33 Squares. 600 Pcs Pallet.

$2.89 /Piece

$520.20 /square

$1,734.00 /pallet

GRANADA HANDMADE barrel roof tile offers an authentic finish which is simply not achievable with machine extruded barrel tile. OUR 100% HANDMADE artisan product is irregular and imperfect by design. The slight tonal and textural variances from tile to tile will give your home or project a unique and rustic finish and that old world charm you are looking for. THE PROCESS is simple but is very time consuming and labor intensive. We start with high quality raw clay which is finely ground and cleaned of impurities. We then add water and form the barrel tiles by hand. They are then allowed to dry. Once dry the handmade barrel tile are placed in a kiln and fired over hardwood chunks. chunks. Once fired the tile are palletized and shipped to our facility in Miami, Florida. The entire process takes a few weeks but is well worth the wait as each tile is a one-of-a-kind natural artisan product.

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Product Overview

Handmade Clay barrel roof tile you can get the desired look to your house project such as Mediterranean, colonial, mission, tropical, Spanish style. Made in Guatemala. Designed for outdoor use, it is well suited for versatile applications in both commercial and residential projects.

  • 180 pcs x Square. 600 pcs Pallet. Pallet weight 3,000 lbs., 4.8 lbs. Unit.

  • Height 3” Width 7.75” Length 17.25”

  • Handmade Rustic, irregular and imperfected.

  • Natural Clay with a variation in tone

  • For residential and commercial use

  • All online orders for this item ship via freight on Pallets.

  • It is recommended you purchase a minimum of 15% overage to account for design cuts, Brakeage, waste, and patterns.



This tiles are fragile and you should expect 10% during shipping and due to that we wont compensate or accept claims on quantities less than 10% breakage.


Shipping Details

We ship this tiles by reliable freight companies on Pallets are protected, Even though we recommend all clients to add 20% extra for waste and breakage during shipping, It is fragile material and in transit will be exposed to movement and vibration, if mayor damage happen like crashed, dropped or an accident for example, make sure the shipping company make that noted of damage cases in to the delivery receipt and we will file a claim to the shipping company and send you the replacement. We have a Minimum of one pallet. If your order is large more than 10,000 pounds we can quote you volume rate shipments for a better rate. Just send us a message of all details.


Shipping Options

Business to Terminal

This is the most convenient way of shipping tiles if you can go to the closest trucking company terminal to your location and pick up the material from there. If you send us a message with your zip code we will reply to you with the closest terminal address to your location. We will provide tracking number for your shipment for you to trace it online. Ones the material is there you could go with your own vehicle depending on the freight weight to pick it up. Or if the shipment is too large you could arrange a local truck from there, rent a Cargo Van from Enterprise rent a car, U-Haul or find a friend with a Pickup truck. The terminal could provide a forklift to load the pallet on to any kind or cargo vehicle or put the pallet next to your car or SUV and you can loaded by hand.

Business to Business

If you have a Business with Loading dock or Fork Lift at the site, this is the most affordable way of getting your order. 

Business to Business plus Lift Gate Service

Or if you have a business but not have a fork lift there you could add the lift gate service. They will unload all pallets on to ground level curbside with their equipment. They won’t put in inside, move it or lift any tiles by hand.

Business to Home with Lift Gate Service

Residential deliveries are the most comfortable way of getting your shipment directly to your home and they will unload it to ground level curbside, they won’t bring it inside and lift any tiles by hand.



There are a few areas in some states where there is no coverage for the trucking companies. Please check with us before commit. 



One-piece package for $35.00, FedEx or UPS Ground.


Legal Disclosure.


Shade variations and /or defects discover after installation or alterations of the tile. Abrasion on installed material; slipping, mishap, or other injury due to the surface characteristics of tile. Seller cannot be responsible for delays cause by conditions beyond its control, including delays in production or shipping.  Inspect before installation. Payment, Pickups and Installation constitutes acceptances. No returns, all sales are final, Please be sure when buying. No claims will be accepted after material has been installed.

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